Located in North Georgia, Ironwood Hearth is a newly-formed Freehold Heathen hearth, independent and existing in its own right. Having been inspired by others doing the kind of work we wish to do– those such as Weiß Alb Hearth, White Dog Hearth and Lodestar Hearth of Canada, among others– we seek to add our own efforts in furthering the understanding and deepening the practice of Heathenry. Special thanks is given to Eofores Holt Heorþ, for the blog post that helped to shine the light on the concept of a Freehold Hearth.

It is my honor to act as Gyðja (Priestess) for our Hearth, as well as the main scribe for its blog. Brandon will also contribute to the blog, as time and inspiration allow. This space will be a repository for our evolving traditions and beliefs, explorations into various concepts, and will also include narratives of daily life as practicing Heathens. It is our hope that we will one day aid and inspire others in the exploration and creation of their own freehold hearths.

Ironwood Hearth is a supporter of Declaration 127. We do not hold with any form of racism, religious intolerance, sexism, homophobia, or other discrimination. Both our physical hearth and our virtual hearth are considered safe space, and will always remain so. We ask that all interactions, whether in person or via social media, be mindful of this.


Welcome to this place, our virtual hearth. May you be hale and happy.

Gyðja and Lady of Ironwood Hearth

Lord of Ironwood Hearth